Can’t Cancel God

Isaiah 40:8

8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

I keep seeing news articles about this cancel culture. Apparently if you disagree you will get canceled. I have heard of them saying that they are going to cancel anyone who stands against thier lifestyle choices so that no one follows them. I realize that for the most part that is Christians and preachers who still stand on the word. It is so bad that many are saying watch what you say because someone might get offended. Well, let me just tell you that I do not care if you cancel every preacher across this planet, it doesn’t matter if you try to silence every church that stands on the truth, and it doesn’t matter if you make it near impossible for us to find a Bible, because many have tried before and they failed. Pharoah thought he could stop it only to watch his kingdom fall yo ruin. Nebuchadnezzar thought he could make them bow only to have to admit the fourth man appeared as the son of God. The Roman empire thought they had stop him on the cross, but on the third day he walked out of that tomb defeating death. Don’t you think if he can do all these things he can stop those who want us silenced. I do not care if no one ever knows my name. In the end they can erase me from history, but they can never erase the name of Jesus Christ and the word of the living God. You can’t cancel my God.


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