Become the Light

John 1:5

5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Have you ever been in your house and the lights go out. It will be pitch black. But all someone has to do is strike a match. That little flame will illuminate the entire room. It is the same when you are hiking in the mountains you can see a campfire from miles away. That light can help us find our way. The darkness cannot put the light out nor can it overcome it. That is how we become when we accept Christ. We become that match in a dark room or that camp fire in the mountains. People see us and they see hope. The enemy will try to put us out but he can’t. The best part is that the closer we get in our walk the brighter Christ can shine through us. So, be that light to the drug addict, to that family barely holding on, or to that sinner that everyone has given up on. Let Christ shine so brightly through you that the darkness cannot comprehend.


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