Who I am and how God lead me here.

Hello My name is Andrew. I was born in a small town in East Tennessee to a backwoods southern preacher and his wife. They already had 3 other sons and living off of a teachers salary at times money was tight. We never went without food, we raised a garden, nor without everything we needed. That preacher father instilled me a hard work ethic and the word of God. Every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night we went to church. When I turned 18 I thought, “I don’t have to listen to Dad’s preaching anymore.” So being an 18 year old who thought he knew everything I left home. At Fort Knox Kentucky I would give my heart to God and begin to yearn to listen to that southern preaching again. When I came home my high school sweetheart, you know the one that got away, begin to date and a year later we married. Now I wish I could say it was easy and that we did not have troubles, but sadly what we went through would tear me away from God. It changed us to the point I even wrote a book about it, The Storm That Grew My Faith. God was merciful though and at the age of 25 I accepted his plan in my life and began preaching his word. I am now a blessed Minister, Husband, and Father with two amazing sons.


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