Where Is Our Love

Matthew 24:12

12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

Watch the news and you will see hate. Watch people look the other way when someone is broke down. Just watch and you will see the love for fellow man is becoming scarce. The sad part is it is not just how we treat strangers, it is also the way we treat people close to us. We have hardened our hearts and believe that we should not help others. Where is the love Christ commanded us to have? Where is are burden for the lost? What has happened to the Church? We have become so self centered that we no longer think we have to have love. As long as we say a short prayer for the lost we believe that is love. No love is setting on your bed weeping for the lost. It is when you find out a member of your church is sick you feel a burden for them. Love is when you walk with a stranger to the alter and help them to accept Jesus. Love was Jesus being beat, whipped and hung on the cross to die for our sins. We have to remember to unharden our hearts. We can’t let our love wax cold. It should be that when you see a drug addict on the street you should feel a burden to pray for them. I beg you, do not let your love wax cold.


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