Strength And Rest

Isaiah 40:29

29 He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength.

In May of 2018, I learned more about this verse when I walked into a room and was told that my 3-month-old sons’ hearts stopped during a heart cath. I remember the surgeon telling us that they had gotten it back going and he was in stable condition. I remember walking into his room, and his little body looked so bad. I remember feeling hopeless and feeling like I couldn’t do anything. I was right. I did not have the strength to make it through those surgeries, but God gave me the strength. I was tired, but God gave me the energy to keep going. On some days, I wanted to just scream into my pillow, stay in the bed, and let the world pass by, but God got me up and kept me going. As a Christian, stop thinking of what you can do because you can’t do anything. You do not have the strength to keep fighting the enemy, but God does. You can’t endure sleepless nights and function the next day, but God can give you the energy to do so. You can not do anything without God. You can’t fight your battles or keep going strong when you are facing the world without God. However, with him, you have the strength to keep fighting when your body is too weak to continue. With God, you can stay up all night praying and go to work the next day feeling like you had 8 hours of sleep and never drink the first cup of coffee. When you realize this and know that you need God for strength and rest, nothing can stop you.


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