Like A Dead Tree

Matthew 7:19

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

We have several rose bushes down our drive. They always bloom and look amazing. Then this year one of them did not want to grow. No matter what I did it wouldn’t grow back. So one day I dug it up by the roots and replaced it with a new one that instantly took root and begin to blossom. Many churches are becoming like that dead rose bush. They are not bringing forth fruit, or flowers in my case, and are dieing out. They are not even trying. The pastors stand up and preach whatever gets money placed in an offering plate. Money in that plate is not brining forth fruit. Neither is a church that never brings in new members and is actually losing members. However, if God intends for a church to be there it will happen. It just may not be the one currently there. He will dig them up and start over. Men and women of God, do not fall into a routine to where your church dries up and if hewn down. Maybe you have a great pastor, but the member are not supporting him in his preaching. Support him. Invite people to church. Brag on your church, if it is a good one following the bible. Keep producing fruit so our churches can live.


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