The Flat Tire

2 Chronicles 34:8

8 Now in the eighteenth year of his reign, when he had purged the land, and the house, he sent Shaphan the son of Azaliah, and Maaseiah the governor of the city, and Joah the son of Joahaz the recorder, to repair the house of the LORD his God.

This morning my wife woke me up to tell me that she had a flat tire on her car. When we found the hole, I could see something sticking out of it. While I worked to get it out I started thinking, I wish I could just leave it in there and plug the tire, but I knew it wouldn’t last long like that. Then it occurred to me. This is what Christians are doing. They are not removing the sin from their lives. Sin is like what was in her tire, which turned out to be a screw. It haults our walk with God. Before we can repair the damage it has done, we have to remove it. We can’t just paint over it and keep going. We first have to remove the sin then we can get to work on repairing the house of God, because that is what we are now. So if you are trying to just cover up sin. Remove it. Just like that screw, which was a headache to remove, some sin is hard to remove out of your life. However, no one said our journey would be easy. I can promise you this. If you keep your temple clean, it makes you stronger. So remove your sin and repair your temple.


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