Open Our Blinded Eyes

Matthew 12:22

22 Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

Did you wake up in a warm home this morning? Did you have a vehicle to drive to work? Do you have someone that is there to encourage you and you there for them? Do you have food in your cabinets? I was praying on my way to work this morning when these questions came to me. I have all of these things. I am a blessed man and at times I forget that many do not share in these blessings. As I drove, I began to realize that the church has become silent and mute to the cries of the world. We hold up in our buildings and think that the world has it better than us. There are people out there waiting for us to reach out and help them, but we have become so arrogant in our suits and ties that we fail to see them. We have become to blind to see the mother with two jobs crying because she still has not made enough to make ends meet. We are blind and cannot see the father not eating at work because he did not have money for lunch when he sets right next to us. We have become blind and do not see the child setting in school who sees nothing but turmoil in their home life. We have become blind to the suffering of those around us. Many of these people just need us to open our mouth. Tell them it is okay to stress. Let them know that we are there for them, but we cannot. We have become mute to the world. Unless they set next to us in a churc, we do not speak to them about the hope that is Jesus. We do not let them know we are there for them. We should speak up. No, I do not mean make a big show to them that are suffering by giving them money in front of everyone. Quietly go to them or just simply leave them a blessing in their vehicle or on the front door to their house. Speak up and ask them are they okay. They may just need someone to give them a kind word. Tell that child that they will be a great adult one day that can change the world. Tell that mother that she is an amazing mother and to always hold her head up. Let that father know that he is an awesome dad and maybe share your lunch with him. It is time we open our eyes to the suffering of the world. It is time we open our lips to the suffering and not only speak of Jesus, but show them Jesus through our kindness. We have been blind and mute to the cries of the world. We have barricaded ourselves into our sanctuaries for far too long. The world needs Christians to get back to work. I fear that if we do not open our eyes and mouths, God is going to show us the suffering that people are going through by simply letting us go through it ourselves.


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