Be Quiet And Listen

Zephaniah 1:7

7 Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord GOD: for the day of the LORD is at hand: for the LORD hath prepared a sacrifice, he hath bid his guests.

I think of the show Judge Judy. I think of when the people are pleading their case. The judge will go to say something and the people will cut her off. No matter if she is giving them a punishment or clearing them, they keep cutting her off. It hit me. This is how we are with God. We keep telling him how bad we have it or what we need. We don’t stop and think, maybe I should just shut up and listen. God might just be setting there thinking if you would just listen to me I will give you a blessing. Instead, we just keep adding to what we need or complaining about something else. We never stop and say okay now God what do you have for me. We have to learn to listen just as much as we pray.


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