Understand It All

Proverbs 28:5

5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.

The concept of understanding judgment is an easy one, you do something wrong you suffer the consequences for it. It’s so easy to understand. However, some people just do not understand why they must face punishment. I have heard people say, if it wasn’t against the law then I would have gotten in trouble. Things like that make you want to wonder if commone sense is gone. Someone who can never see the error in thier ways can never learn from the consequences they face. If they feel no remorse, how can they want forgiveness? They cannot. This is what is being explained here. People who say, I have not sinned, but yet they go against God’s word. They see no wrong in sin. They live as though we will never be judged. But we will be. We will face judgment and we Christians understand this. We understand our actions have consequences. We know that if we do wrong we will face punishment. Pray for those who love like they will never be judged. Pray God opens their eyes.


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